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Answering Mail From Our Listeners

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We consider this week’s podcast a gift to our listeners — or a gift between us and our listeners. Throughout the year, we hear from many of you, and are always glad when we do. From time to time, we try to answer questions that come over the transom. We dedicate this episode to doing only that. Some of the many questions addressed:

  • Has anyone become a Kindle convert during the pandemic?

  • What are some of our favorite individual short stories?

  • How did we manage to get jobs reading for a living?

  • What books should high school students be encouraged to read in 2021?

  • How does a reviewer go from reading and rereading a book to actually writing the review?

  • Is the novel dead? (We know, you’ve heard this one before.)

Here to answer are Times staff members Elisabeth Egan, MJ Franklin, Tina Jordan, Dave Kim, Parul Sehgal and John Williams.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this episode, and about the Book Review’s podcast in general. You can send them to books@nytimes.com.

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