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As Tensions Among Republicans Mount, Georgia’s Recount Proceeds Smoothly

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Mr. Raffensperger also hit back at Representative Doug Collins, who is overseeing Mr. Trump’s efforts in Georgia and who accused the secretary of state of caving in to pressure from Democrats. Mr. Raffensperger called Mr. Collins a “liar” and a “charlatan.”

The extraordinary, labor-intensive effort to recount every vote in every one of Georgia’s 159 counties began Friday morning, and counties have until late Wednesday, just before midnight, to complete the work. As of Monday evening, 4.3 million ballots had been recounted, according to the secretary of state’s office, out of just under five million cast.

The secretary of state’s office declined Monday to release the results of the recounts from individual counties. But over the weekend Patrick Moore, a lawyer for the Biden campaign, said that Democrats had been keeping tabs on the county-by-county results and had found that while some discrepancies between the original counts and the recounts had emerged, they were minor and would not affect Mr. Biden’s front-runner status in the state.

“As expected, the counties that have completed their audit thus far have shifted vote totals but almost imperceptibly, and thus far in favor of Joe Biden,” Mr. Moore said during a telephone news conference.

With the newly discovered ballots in Floyd County, Mr. Biden’s lead will go from around 14,200 to around 13,300 votes, according to Mr. Sterling. The New York Times declared Mr. Biden the winner of Georgia’s 16 electoral votes on Friday, joining a number of major news organizations.

Mr. Sterling said that the Floyd County officials discovered the issue in the midst of doing the recount. Mr. Sterling called the error “gross incompetence” on the part of the Floyd County elections director, and said that Mr. Raffensperger had asked the director to step down.

It was the Trump campaign that demanded a hand recount last week in a letter to Mr. Raffensperger. Shortly afterward, Mr. Raffensperger ordered the recount, which his office said is technically an audit.

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