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Candidate Kanye West Gets Not-So-Stellar Mentions On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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Kanye West nabbed a mention as a wannabe presidential candidate — twice — on “Saturday Night Live.” But they weren’t endorsements.

“Insecure” star Issa Rae, who hosted “SNL,” played a lawyer for the NAACP on the “Your Voice Chicago” talk show in a sketch in which she vowed to vote for “everybody Black” on Election Day — no matter what. But as for the presidential race, she declared: “Kanye? ‘F’ him!”

The bit was a play on Rae’s comment at the Emmy Awards in 2017 when she said she was “rooting for everybody Black.”

Michael Che also mentioned West’s bid on the “Weekend Update” segment.

He ripped his show’s own network, NBC, for hosting a town hall with President Donald Trump

“What can I say?” Che asked.

“We have a type,” he added, as photos of Matt LauerBill Cosby and Trump popped up, all of whom have a troubled history with women.

“Who are these town halls even for?” Che asked. “I mean, who’s still on the fence about this election? Whether you’re voting for Trump or Biden, you made up your mind a long time ago, and you’re probably not thrilled about it.”

“These choices are so bad that Kanye’s running and people are like, ‘Maybe?’” he said.

“That wouldn’t happen if we had actual good candidates,” Che added. “Imagine if Kennedy lost to Nixon because Wisconsin went to Little Richard?’”

West is on the ballot in at least 11 states as a presidential or vice presidential candidate for the “Birthday Party” or as an independent. 

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