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Canoo Reveals Trio Of All-Electric Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicles

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Local businesses who want their delivery vans to stand out from the crowd might want to take a look at two new offerings from Canoo. The fledgling electric vehicle company hasn’t yet started production or sales of its first vehicle, the eponymous Canoo passenger van, but today it is announcing two new multi-purpose delivery vehicles designed to carry up to 1,980 pounds and have a range of up to 250 miles. Not at the same time, of course, as there’s an inverse relationship between those two numbers.

The just-announced MPDV1 and its larger sibling, the MPDV2, will come with a choice of three battery pack sizes: 40, 60 and 80 kWh. Driving ranges for the new vans will scale from 130 to 300 miles for the MPDV1 and 90 to 250 miles for the MPDV2. To get the longer ranges, you need to choose the largest packs, of course, but that then cuts into the EV’s cargo capacity. The MPDV1 can carry up to 1,980 pounds with the 40 kWh pack but only 1,540 lbs. with the 80 kWH pack, for example. The new electric vehicles (EVs) will start at around $33,000 for the 40 kWh MPDV1, Canoo said, without getting into details about pricing for the MPDV2 or the larger battery capacities.

Canoo is heavily promoting the lower total cost of ownership for companies using electric delivery vehicles. While the vans might cost more up front than a similarly sized diesel- or gas-powered van, driving on electrons saves money with each mile under most circumstances. The new delivery vans will be made on the same platform as the Canoo passenger vehicle, which Canoo said offers not only cost savings but also extra carrying space behind the driver thanks to a low load floor and a relatively high ceiling. The details change based on which vehicle is purchased and how it will be used, but Canoo estimates that a company buying one of its new multi-purpose delivery vehicles “can achieve between $50,000 to $80,000 improvement on return on capital over six to seven years, depending on the use case, as compared to other top selling delivery vehicles.”

The MPDV1 and the MPDV2 will both feature Level 2.5 autonomy, over-the-air software update capability and available outboard power ports. DC fast charging is capable of refilling the 80 kWH pack to 80 percent full in 28 minutes.

For companies who like parts of the MPDV1 or the MPDV2 but think it needs more X or less Y, Canoo is offering to work with large customers to “co-develop a custom vehicle with Canoo to meet their specific requirements,” the company said in a statement.

Canoo is taking $100 reservations for the new delivery vans now, but doesn’t expect to start limited production of the MPDV1 and the MPDV2 until 2022, ahead of a full launch in 2023. Canoo said it is also woking on an MPDV3, which will fit into the larger Class 3 truck category. It will arrive some time after the MPDV1 and the MPDV2.

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