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Christmas trees indoors can be toxic to pets and children – what to avoid in your home

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As Christmas rolls around once again, many Britons are gearing up to put Christmas trees in their homes. While some people prefer the artificial variety, real Christmas trees can feel more traditional to some people. There are several varieties of Christmas tree available in the UK with the Nordmann fir and “king” being the most popular in the UK.

Are pine needles from my Christmas tree dangerous?

Pine needles can pose a particular risk to pets and small children.

Pets At Home has said that pine needles can harm dogs’ digestive systems if they swallow too many of them.

As pine needles are hard to digest, they could lead to a punctured intestinal tract or obstruct the intestine in pets and children.

Is watering my Christmas tree dangerous?

It’s important to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh so regular watering is necessary.

However, the water a tree is sitting in could contain preservatives, pesticides and fertilisers that can be harmful to some children and pets.

Keep the water dish covered so your pets don’t drink from it and children don’t put their fingers in it.

If parents are worried about children or pets touching or playing with their Christmas tree, they could use a gate.

Child-safe indoor fencing or baby gates are the best way to keep them away from your tree.

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