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Elon Musk Falls To World’s Second Richest Person

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Jeff Bezos has yet again clinched the title of world’s richest person from Elon Musk, after shares of Amazon jumped on Wednesday.

Amazon’s stock rose by nearly 1.5% on Wednesday, pushing Bezos’ net worth up by $2.4 billion, to $184.9 billion. That makes him the richest person in the world once again, according to Forbes’ estimates. Bezos is just $200 million richer than number two richest Musk, who is worth $184.7 billion.

The Tesla chief briefly took the number one spot from Bezos last Friday and again on Tuesday, Forbes calculates. Shares of Musk’s electric-vehicle maker, Tesla, rose by 0.6% on Wednesday, slightly increasing the fortune of its billionaire cofounder by nearly $1 billion.

While Musk and Bezos compete for top spot, they are both more than $30 billion richer than the world’s third-wealthiest person, French luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault. He is now worth $150.5 billion, Forbes estimates.

While Bezos was the world’s richest person for much of 2020, Musk has closed the gap over the past year, with his fortune growing at an unprecedented rate. His net worth has risen by some $160 billion since March 2020, when he was worth $24.6 billion. Musk’s fortune has grown in tandem with Tesla’s skyrocketing stock price, which rose by more than 720% in 2020.

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