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Frida Kahlo Never Slept Here

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Ever wonder how Jimi Hendrix’s bedroom would look if he were alive today?

No? Well, one British company has reimagined it anyway, along with contemporary bedrooms for four other historical figures: William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo. Neville Johnson, which makes bespoke furniture and staircases, commissioned iProspect, a public relations and creative agency, to come up with the digital renderings, modeled by studying each individual’s style attributes and the homes he or she once occupied.

Mr. Hendrix, it appears, would fit right in with the recent boho interiors trend. His imagined bedroom is a kind of upscale, white-walled hippie loft, with clashing Persian rugs, a leather pouf and other low furniture. Ms. Chanel’s boudoir, on the other hand, maintains her famous black-and-white palette and has the opulent but impersonal look of a luxury hotel room (she lived at the Ritz in Paris).

The project may seem a bit random, like a pandemic-inspired PR stunt, but it’s not exactly a one-off. iProspect has created similar what-ifs for other clients, imagining the New York that could have been — filled with ambitious projects that were never built — for Barratt London, a U.K. homebuilder, and offering modern takes on the pub featured in the long-running British TV show “Coronation Street,” for David Wilson Homes, another homebuilder.

The idea is to create clickable content that isn’t too close to what the brand does — but isn’t far-off, either.

“This is in no way any of Neville Johnson’s furniture,” said Sophie Rhone, the digital PR manager for iProspect, referring to the bedroom renderings. (Indeed, nothing is for sale, for a change.) “It’s completely fantasy.”

Here are the results of the kitschy design parlor game.

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