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How to exercise to lose weight and build muscle at the same time

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Exercise such as running, cycling, walking and more can all help slimmers lose weight. However weight training is also a crucial step in the weight loss process as it can help the body to burn more calories when resting. While many may use weight training to put on lots of muscle, it can also be used to sculpt a dieter’s desired physique.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Bulk Powders ambassador Hayley Madigan shared her top weight training tips. 

She said: “Weight training has a vast range of positive benefits for women, not just physically but mentally too! Weight training loads a resistance to our muscles, which allows them to rebuild stronger. 

“Not only does weight training improve our muscle strength, it also strengthens our bones, joints, ligaments and tendons – all vital for our long-term health. 

“Additional to these benefits, weight training can improve heart health and blood pressure, improving our fitness as well as strength.”

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“For complete beginners, I recommend starting in either a group training environment (like a (virtual) class for example) or with a personal trainer (online or in person). 

“When you have the advice of an instructor or coach you will learn how to train correctly and safely, this will enable you to perfect your technique and lower any injury risk. 

“The weights area in a gym training environment can look and feel a little intimidating to newbies, so following a routine even from your favourite Instagrammer or YouTuber will give you the courage to try something new and hit the weights.”

It is also best to start of using small weights regularity and build up to heavier ones as this will cause less strain on the muscles.

Protein is also great for weight loss as it reduces the hunger hormone and boosts several satiety hormones. 

Hayley continued: “There are many forms of weight training you can try, from CrossFit to Body Pump classes (or virtual classes) – it isn’t a one size fits all form of training and is highly versatile.

“Depending on your goal, I would always recommend incorporating some kind of weight training, even if you’re a long-distance runner or a Yogi, the benefits of weight training can improve your performance in pretty much every sport. 

“Full body training can be a brilliant way to maintain strength all over if you only train two-three times a week, then adding in body part splits like lower body and upper body training can be a great way to target the individual muscles if you train more often like four-six times a week.”

Research suggests that weight lifting burns almost just fat which can help target those stubborn areas which may carry more fat. 

The expert explains how weight training is also a great way to develop coordination, attention and memory.

She explained: “All of these improvements to the cognitive part of your brain will relay over to your everyday living, including your studying or working life – there is so much more to weight training than just improving muscle mass!”

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