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How Trump Voters View His Position on Pre-existing Conditions

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“I think he’s straight up telling us what he’s going to do,” said Ronald Regal, a retired garbage collector who lives in Ocala, Fla. “He has done what he wanted to do, and told us what he was going to do with all the things he has done.”

The Affordable Care Act has become a part of American life, and that may help Mr. Trump remain persuasive on this issue, said Mollyann Brodie, the chief operating officer at the Kaiser Family Foundation, who helped write one of the recent surveys. In the past, the prospect of losing insurance because of health problems was real. Now, voters have lived with the protections for a decade.

“They all have insurance now, and they can’t lose it because of a pre-existing condition,” she said. “And why would President Trump change that? It’s a consistent position if you trust him.”

For such voters, Mr. Trump’s vague promises may be sufficient to reassure them.

I saw it on Facebook, while he was at a rally,” said James Geisler, 52, who plans to vote for President Trump in November. “He didn’t really go into specifics on that issue. He just said any pre-existing conditions will be covered under my plan.”

When asked what they disliked about Mr. Biden’s plans, they often cited his age as a major issue rather than the policies he has proposed. Mr. Biden, 77, is three years older than Mr. Trump, 74.

Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, who studies public opinion on health care, said he was not surprised to see so many Republican voters backing Trump on the issue despite his policy record. Republican voters continue to dislike Obamacare, he said, and expect Mr. Trump to replace it with something better.

“It’s strictly partisanship,” he said. “If I’ve decided to go with him, I believe he won’t hurt, quote, me or someone like me. But it’s not substantively based.”

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