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‘It’s Just Crazy’ in Pennsylvania: Mail Voting and the Anxiety That Followed

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When the caller complained of not being able to get through to her earlier by phone, Ms. Kuznik said: “Yeah, I apologize, it’s been very, very busy here. But we will get you a ballot. We want you to vote.”

She then helped Beverly Nason, 84, who was waiting behind a swinging half-door and said her 87-year-old husband, William, had not received his ballot.

“Hold on for a minute,” Ms. Kuznik told a phone caller while helping Ms. Nason. “I’m right in the middle of processing a voter, and I will look up and see what’s going on with that.”

As she readied a new ballot to be printed for Mr. Nason, she talked back to a pop-up on her computer: “No, Adobe, I do not want to give a review of this software. No.”

Amanda Wallace, a child-care worker, appeared and asked where to drop off her completed ballot. “Well, that isn’t the whole thing,” Ms. Kuznik told her, explaining that Ms. Wallace, 48, had the inner “secrecy” envelope with her ballot inside but hadn’t brought the outer envelope that she was required to sign. The outer envelope includes a bar code to stop anyone from trying to vote more than once. “You absolutely have to have it in that, or it will not count,” Ms. Kuznik told her.

Sharon Kerr was upset that no ballot had been delivered to her home. It turned out she had entered a post office box for an address. “I can’t fix this today,” Ms. Kuznik told her, “but for right now, I’ll cancel that ballot that was sent out and I’ll get you another one.”

“God bless you, honey,” Ms. Kerr said. “I was worried that mine wouldn’t be counted, and we’ve got to do something. I’m very, very upset with what we have. We need changes.”

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