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Jay Blades: The Repair Shop star fights tears as he restores Stereogram for sisters | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The Christmas special of The Repair Shop saw the experts help to restore beloved items which reminded guests of Christmas from their childhood. One duo in particular left Jay Blades emotional as they remembered watching their parents dance to their Stereogram on Christmas Day and were overjoyed to hear it play music again.

Looking at their old stereo, Jay asked: “This takes me back to my childhood, so, whose is it?”

“It belonged to both my mum and our dad, mum gave it to me when she was ill before she passed away last summer so it means a lot to all of us although I’m the guardian at the moment,” the guest replied.

“It just represents so much about the joy we had in our family around music. Music was so important in our family, for my mum, my dad, all of us coming up.

“We were always singing to lift spirits because it was hard, life was tough. They came to this country with nothing.”

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The sisters revealed their father was originally from Guyana and South America.

“This is not just a radiogram, it’s a stereogram,” Mark Stuckey remarked, noting their parents would have had to save up for the item.

The sisters revealed their father opened the first record shop, black-owned in Brixton and at Christmas they would play Nat King Cole.

“Mum would be up at the crack of dawn to get everything ready and no sooner was it christmas could you hear it,” the sisters continued.

The sisters said their “mother’s heart would sing” if she knew the Stereogram was being repaired.

Jay and Mark got to work and later in the episode, they both fought back tears when Donna and Sandra were reunited with the Stereogram.

The sisters burst into tears as they were immediately taken back to their childhood at Christmas. They began dancing with one another as Jay demonstrated records could be played again.

“Every time the gram is playing, I will be able to see my sisters dancing again on my father’s shoes, just having a good time, it would just be fantastic, my heart is beating so fast,” they said of the restoration.

As the pair thanked The Repair Ship team for their hard work, Jay fought back tears as he watched the sisters enjoy hearing music playing again.

The Repair Shop at Christmas is available to catch up on BBC iPlayer now.

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