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Jimmy Fallon: Mike Pence Just Can’t Win With Trump Fans

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“Big T flew to Alamo, Texas, today to brag about his wall — and to remind the American people that he’s not just a dangerous megalomaniac; he’s also a racist.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Meanwhile, a confused Rudy Giuliani waited patiently 300 miles away at Al’s Amo.” — SETH MEYERS

“It was very wise of Trump to take a victory lap at the border the same week his supporters showed the world that walls serve almost no purpose whatsoever when it comes to keeping people who want in out.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Well, that’s a wrap on a flawless administration.” — JAMES CORDEN

“When they heard Trump was coming to the border, Mexico was like, ‘Phew, thank God that wall is here.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“You know your presidency is off the rails when you have to distract from your attempted coup with your giant symbol of racism.” — JIMMY FALLON

“What a nice reminder of how much the president hates people storming barriers and entering places they aren’t legally allowed.” — JAMES CORDEN

“When asked what he was doing there, Trump said, ‘I’m just planning my escape.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“Yup, Trump visited the border in the town of Alamo, Texas. He was like, ‘Thanks to me, everyone will remember Alamo.’” — JIMMY FALLON

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