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Money Heist season 5 was Denver star’s ‘most difficult’ to shoot | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The trailer for Money Heist season five has already promised fans the most action-packed instalment of the wildly popular crime drama yet. In the run-up to the first volume of the last season’s hotly anticipated release on Netflix, Spanish star Jaime Lorente has given a sneak peek into what fans can expect from the finale.

Jaime Lorente has called the final shoot for the Spanish thriller Money Heist the most difficult production for the series so far.

The cast and crew returned to the set in Madrid last year to start work on the Netflix series’ long-awaited final part.

Filming finally came to an end last May after work on the fifth season continued for several months.

The Spanish actor, best known for playing the volatile robber known as Denver, recently spoke to TV Mag about bringing the series to a close.

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He previewed some of the most exciting moments of Money Heist so far, but also admitted to finding the last shoot much harder than previous seasons.

Lorente revealed: “All I can say is that it was the most difficult season to shoot because of the number and level of the brawl scenes.”

Money Heist’s new trailer has already teased an all-out war between El Professor’s (played by Álvaro Morte) crew and the Spanish police.

Part Four already upped the ante with several intense action set pieces.

Unlike the millions of worldwide fans of the show, Lorente won’t be mourning the end of Money Heist when the last volume is finally released in December.

He explained: “It’s the last season, yes, but I’m not sad, all good things come to an end, it went on for several years anyway.

“We had this chance to prolong the success. I think it is important to know how to put an end to the finish in style.”

Jaime Lorente was just as stunned to see the show reach the level of success it did as its original Spanish fans.

Money Heist was originally broadcast on the Spanish network Antena3, before Netflix decided to release the first seasons to an international audience.

The streaming giant then took over as producers for the third and fourth instalments, and announced the smash hit would be coming to an end with Part Five.

Although there are still rumours of a spin-off or sequel series, it won’t be long before subscribers are saying one last goodbye to Denver and the rest of El Professor’s team.

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be released on Friday, September 3 on Netflix. Volume 2 is coming Friday, December 3.

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