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The 17 Best New Shows Of 2020

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There are many words frequently used to describe the year that is 2020: “unprecedented,” “tumultuous,” “hellish.” It’s been an unrivaled few months filled with loss, lockdowns, hand-washing, social distancing, working from home, homeschooling, takeout. Not to mention, hurricanes and wildfires, police violence and racial injustice and seemingly never-ending election results.  

Thankfully, we had a sidekick who was there to get us through it all.

Viewers turned to television as an escape, a way to ease anxieties and silence those racing midnight thoughts. We became obsessed with the world of big cat ownership. We went on culinary journeys. We questioned a career in chess. We even found ourselves relating to a Gen Z crew of babysitters. Although release dates were pushed back and productions delayed, 2020 gifted us with a few scripted and unscripted shows that helped us relax for a while.

Below, the HuffPost Culture team shares their picks for the best new series, limited series, reality series and docu-series of Quarantimes. This list is in no particular order. 

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