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The Chicago Bears Aren’t Good or Bad. They’re Mediocre.

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The Bears beat the Lions in Week 1 after Detroit dropped a game-winning pass in the end zone. They beat the Giants in Week 2 after Golden Tate was called for a pushing-off penalty late in the game. In Week 3, the Atlanta Falcons self-destructed and blew a 16-point lead with nine minutes left. The Bears beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a point after Tom Brady seemed to lose track of downs. And they needed a late defensive stop to beat the Carolina Panthers by a touchdown.

The five teams Chicago beat were hardly murderer’s row, and though the Buccaneers (7-3) are quite strong, the other four are all losing teams who could charitably be described as mediocre.

As for Foles, despite receiving hosannas after his comeback win over the Falcons, his numbers have been quite poor. He has eight interceptions against 10 touchdowns, and a 5.44 adjusted yards per pass figure, ahead only of three badly struggling throwers: the Eagles’ Carson Wentz, Broncos’ Drew Lock and Jets’ Sam Darnold.

The Bears’ quarterback decisions have been somewhat eccentric this season. The team traded for Foles in the off-season, assuming quite a bit of guaranteed money in the deal, then decided to open the regular season with Trubisky under center. After picking up two wins, Trubisky was benched for Foles mid-game against Atlanta, and Foles has kept the job, despite the losing streak, and even though Trubisky’s own adjusted yards per pass figure, 6.34, though far from good, is better than his.

Chicago lacks star power at the skill positions, a fact that, taken alongside its quarterback struggles, has resulted is an offense that ranks 31st in yards per play (ahead of only the winless Jets) and 30th in net yards per pass (in front of the Eagles and Jets).

The anemic offense is wasting a good defense, which holds up against both the run and the pass. Football Outsiders ranks it fourth in the league in Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, or D.V.O.A. The disparity is puzzling, because when Nagy was hired in January 2018 he took over the team with a reputation burnished as the well-regarded quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bears do have the advantage of a few easy games the rest of the way. They face the Packers twice, in games that could certainly end up as losses, but Chicago could very well beat the woeful Lions, Texans and Jaguars.

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