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The Most-Searched Thanksgiving Side Dish In Every State

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Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes (shout-out to stuffing!). The popularity of certain classics can also vary based on location.

The folks at Google shared the most uniquely searched Thanksgiving side dishes in every state (meaning, the queries that were more searched in each state relative to searches in the U.S. overall).

It turns out mashed potatoes are all the rage in Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico and Oregon. Green beans dominated in Alaska, Minnesota and Nevada, while green bean casserole took the top spot in Maine and Vermont.

A variety of sweet potato dishes were No. 1 as well, with sweet potato casserole winning in Hawaii and Tennessee, sweet potato soufflé in Georgia and just regular ol’ sweet potatoes in Connecticut, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

And of course, Southern states showed their affinity for cornbread dressing, the top unique search in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas. Meanwhile, sausage stuffing dominated in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and Wyoming was all about classic stuffing. (Searches for “stuffing vs. dressing” also spiked in the week before Thanksgiving.)

Interesting outliers included deviled eggs in Rhode Island, broccoli casserole in Kentucky, ham in Arizona, rice in North Carolina, fruit salad in Iowa and duck confit in Washington, D.C.

Google also shared its national data for most searched Thanksgiving pies ― sweet potato, apple, pumpkin, pecan and mud ― and trending Thanksgiving drinks ― cranberry cocktail, (holiday) punch, hot buttered rum, apple cider mimosa, spiked hot chocolate, cider cocktails, hot chocolate bombs, red wine, cranberry wine and harvest punch.

Check out the map above or list below for the full breakdown of 2020’s most uniquely searched Thanksgiving sides in each state and Washington, D.C. (And yes, Google’s map has some color errors.)

Alabama: Cornbread dressing

Arkansas: Cranberry sauce

Colorado: Mashed potatoes

Connecticut: Sweet potato

Delaware: Sausage stuffing

District of Columbia: Duck confit

Georgia: Sweet potato soufflé

Hawaii: Sweet potato casserole

Illinois: Mashed potatoes

Indiana: Baked mac and cheese

Kentucky: Broccoli casserole

Louisiana: Cornbread dressing

Maine: Green bean casserole

Massachusetts: Cranberry sauce

Mississippi: Cornbread dressing

Missouri: Cornbread casserole

New Mexico: Mashed potatoes

North Dakota: Baked mac and cheese

Pennsylvania: Sausage stuffing

Rhode Island: Deviled eggs

South Carolina: Cornbread dressing

South Dakota: Corn casserole

Tennessee: Sweet potato casserole

Texas: Cornbread dressing

Vermont: Green bean casserole

Washington: Cranberry sauce

West Virginia: Mac and cheese

Wyoming: Classic stuffing

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