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They Met in Touchy-Feely 101 at Stanford

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Their shopping trips turned into an annual event, even after graduation when they each lived in the Pacific Heights section of San Francisco.

In 2016, a mutual friend, Alex Gelman, who sat next to her at a wedding in Wisconsin, suggested that she and Mr. Evran, both single at the time, start dating. And, a couple of weeks later, they decided to give it a try. Before heading to a friend’s birthday party together, they first had drinks and after the party they went dancing at a bar in the Marina neighborhood. They had their first kiss.

“Romance added to a really solidly free-flowing friendship,” he said.

In August 2017 they began a long-distance relationship for about a year while she worked in New York for a French clothing label. When she landed her current job based in San Francisco, and before moving in with him, she embarked on another makeover: his bachelor pad.

“He gave away every single piece of furniture on Craigslist,” she said.

Mr. Evran proposed in 2018 during a trip to Sintra, Portugal, and they planned a big Armenian-Chinese wedding, with about 200 guests at the Art Gallery of Ontario Aug. 15 in Toronto. But they set those plans aside after the coronavirus outbreak.

On Nov. 5, they were married at their apartment via Zoom by Michelle Castro-Diaz, a deputy marriage commissioner at San Francisco City Hall. Ms. Yu’s parents drove in from Petaluma, Calif., to attend, while his parents and brother watched via livestream from Toronto. Eight close friends later roasted and toasted them at Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge in San Francisco, where earlier a few Stamford friends had dropped off a magnum of Champagne.

“He’s honestly everything I could have hoped for and more,” said Ms. Yuan, who is taking her husband’s name. “And, he has a great wardrobe now.”

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