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Trevor Noah Explains Trump’s Unlikely Chance To Steal The Election

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When it comes to the options left for Donald Trump, it’s time to “stop the count.”

Joe Biden has become the president-elect, and “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah explained on Tuesday that things aren’t looking good for Trump’s chances of overturning that result.

“Recounts haven’t worked for him. Legal challenges haven’t worked for him. And he even tried signing an executive order that Nov. 3 was opposite day, but somehow that didn’t work,” Noah joked.

The “Daily Show” host says there’s just one option left for Trump: faithless electors. However, Noah makes clear it’s a “loooong shot.”

“It’s about as likely as Mitch McConnell being on the cover of ‘Men’s Health,’” Noah said. “But, theoretically, faithless electors could give Trump the presidency.”

In the segment, the comedian explained that the country’s founders originally thought people weren’t informed enough to choose a leader outright. So U.S. citizens are actually voting for a slate of electors to vote for their chosen candidate. 

“In many ways, it’s the same way that American high school kids don’t buy the beer. They give the homeless man money, and then he goes to buy the beer on their behalf. That way it’s more responsible,” Noah said.

And while it’s understood that the electors vote for the candidate who won the state’s popular vote, they don’t all necessarily have to. Those who don’t are faithless electors.

Noah said the “good news” is that Trump is down so many electors that it’s extremely unlikely he could convince enough of them to go against their state’s voters. But it could be a problem in future, closer elections.

“So, just a warning to all the states out there. You guys might want to firm up your laws about faithless electors because Trump might not succeed this time, but it’s only a matter of time before Dumb Jr. runs,” Noah said.

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