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Ulrika Jonsson left ‘distraught and bereft’ as she grieves for beloved family member | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson, 53, has been left “distraught and bereft” as she confirmed her “first born fur baby” Nessie, lost her battle after her kidneys started to fail her. The 9-year-old bulldog spent over 48-hours at the vets fighting her on-going health issues but sadly didn’t pull through, and her passing left the model devastated.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a sweet black and white photo of her and the pup head-to-head, with the simple and solemn caption: “She’s gone.”

Ulrika had been updating fans over the past few days on Nessie’s health issues, revealing her lengthy stint at the vets.

“Ma grande dame. My first born fur baby. Has spent 48hrs at our lovely vet’s,” she penned.

“She’s not going to win this battle. I’ve been beyond distraught and bereft. We will keep her at home as long as we can. My girl.”

Two weeks ago, the Gladiators presenter told of how Nessie was suffering kidney failure and an infected tooth, but she remained optimistic describing the pooch as a “tough old girl”.

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Earlier this year, the former Shooting Stars team-captain was left “fraught with anxiety’ when her daughter Bo, had to take a coronavirus test after suffering from “flu-like symptoms” and a “painful chest”.

Bo has several heart problems and undergone a number of surgical procedures throughout her childhood, which heightened their worry when she was rushed to hospital.

After Ulrika rang 111, she was told they couldn’t go to the doctors and an ambulance was sent straight away so Bo could get checked over as soon as possible.

She wrote to her followers about her daughter’s current status following the scare and said: “EVERYTHING IS FINE.”

Reassuring her followers, she carried on: “But yesterday was fraught with anxiety and exhaustion. Oldest Female Ungrateful had come home from Uni full of flu-like symptoms and painful chest.”

She added: “Wasn’t allowed to go to Dr’s. 111 sent an ambulance to get her (very calmly) and took her to A&E where Corona had to be ruled out in isolation and investigations pursued due to her cardiac defect.”

She continued to reveal that Bo had received the all clear and praised her for doing so well despite suffering discomfort.

She wrote: “She was ridiculously brave – despite the distress it was causing her. Finally given the all clear.”

Ulrika then continued to thank the NHS for all of their support and help.

“Mamma is so proud and relieved. And will be eternally grateful to our amazing nhs which is always there when you need it and has been saving her life since before she was born,” she said.

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