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What’s on TV Wednesday: Tyler Perry Shows and ‘Living With Yourself’

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TYLER PERRY’S THE OVAL 9 p.m. on BET. A trailer for this new Tyler Perry show promises money, power, sex, greed, lies, murder, betrayal, revenge and secrets — words that might bring to mind “The Sopranos” or maybe “Boardwalk Empire.” But the setting here is the White House, and the family at the center of the series is a fictional first family of the United States. That crew is headed by Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) and Victoria Franklin (Kron Moore), a fresh president and first lady whose sordid personal affairs (romantic and otherwise), infighting and disreputable dealings threaten to spill over into their public lives. (The line “See if I won’t put your head through that wall” has a different ring to it when it’s said in the Oval Office.) “The Oval” is one of a slew of new shows that a post-Madea Perry has written and directed as part of a major content deal with Viacom. Another one, TYLER PERRY’S SISTAS, about a group of women navigating modern dating, will debut on BET at 10 p.m.

THE DA VINCI CODE (2006) 8 p.m. on Starz Encore. Those who can’t make it to Paris for the opening of the colossal new Leonardo da Vinci exhibition this week can get a very different taste of the Louvre in this thriller based on the Dan Brown best seller. (Though that taste may be an acquired one.) The movie stars Tom Hanks as a Harvard professor and Audrey Tautou as a police cryptographer. Both are called to help investigate a murder at the Louvre — and wind up enmeshed in a mystery of biblical proportions. Starz Encore is showing the movie alongside its first sequel, ANGELS & DEMONS (2009), which will air at 10:30 p.m.

LIVING WITH YOURSELF Stream on Netflix. Near the beginning of this new comedy-drama series, Miles, a down-in-the-dumps brand executive played by Paul Rudd, kills a fly by swatting it with a manila folder. “You’re welcome,” he says. The sequence is a fair encapsulation of Miles’s outlook, at least until he tries a mysterious spa treatment. That session results in the creation of a clone version of Miles, who is happier and more energetic than the original person. The issue? The original Miles is still around, and has to contend with his seemingly superior clone. Rudd plays both Miles and the clone, a feat that was accomplished with the help of an electronic earpiece, which allowed Rudd to hear himself delivering a line as one character and react to it as the other. “It became like choreography,” Rudd said in a recent interview with The New York Times. “I would hear the words and remember my actions, and I would act like I was looking at myself.”

CASTLE ROCK Stream on Hulu. This horror anthology series distinguishes itself from other Stephen King TV and film adaptations by telling original stories that take place in various locales ripped from King’s books. The new second season includes a nurse (Lizzy Caplan), an aging crime boss (Tim Robbins) and a small town’s big, spooky problems.

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